Finding Plan A

OK, this blog didn’t go anywhere. I wrote a few posts about economics and realized 1) I really want to learn more and 2) I really need to learn more before I can say anything of substance. Item #2 doesn’t stop many people from writing, but it was more than I could do.

What next? Well, I have reactivated my local website since I moved back to Westwood and hope to write about the town again. I need to redo that since after 3 years, there’s a lot of dated stuff there that nobody wants to see anymore. remains an interesting archive of my thoughts from about 2006 to 2012.

It’s bad form to write an apology-for-not-writing or “coming soon” blog post, but it is what it is. Check back in a few months and I will have found a way to execute “Plan A” with these web properties…

What I Think Matters

This blog will focus the efforts of my original blog, DaveWrites on the following topics:

  • Generational Responsibility and Economics – saving the future for our children; all about budget deficits, debt, and tax/spend choices and what they boil down to in practical terms for middle class families.
  • Education – preparing our children for the future; what does education reform really mean for parents and their children beyond theoretical concepts and down to the practical matter of shepherding three kids through the Boston Public Schools.
  • Active Transportation – Transportation policy is fundamental to our lives; integrating walking and biking and changing public policy to reflect that priority is a tool for Economic Development and strengthening our communities.
  • Growth and Sustainability – the limitless future and how we must steward it. Technology that will enable a future of abundance and how people are doing practical things to make a difference.

Ultimately, it is all about the future and how I look forward with both optimism and concern that we must actively steer toward what is possible and away from the negative that awaits a failure to act. This blog is about what I think matters…